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Welcome to the official website for We are striving to bring a better understanding to the world of competitive gaming peripherals. Currently we’re focused on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and hope to create a database and knowledge center for all peripherals and how they relate to every game.

Our primary database is our CS:GO Player Database. This database is designed to show you the top 28 teams within Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and their peripherals of choice. Soon we plan to include each players configurations and their sponsors, so you understand not only what their gear of choice is, but why they are using the gear they use. Utilizing this information, we have created ProGear Statistics, which is a page dedicated to the statistics and metrics of the CS:GO Player Database.

Additionally, we have included a custom shop which should help reduce the decision fatigue surrounding gaming peripherals. This shop pulls data directly from and only lists niche competitive gaming products. Typically, a player has anywhere between 200 different ‘mice’ to choose from. With our shop, we have reduced this choice down to 20. We hope that by utilizing the other features on this website you can reduce your choice even further, deciding between only the best ‘mice’ to choose from.

Last, we have in-depth articles and Guides explaining the intricacies and technology behind many gaming peripherals. How many times have you seen a manufacturer advertise ‘DPI’ for a gaming mouse only to realize that the vast majority of players don’t utilize high DPI settings. What about polling rate? These are all terms and aspects of a mouse which in reality are irrelevant. They are marketing terms designed to get you to buy a mouse which functions nearly the same as any mouse sporting lower rates. ZOWIE for example, control a large portion of the professional gaming market and have very low DPI and polling rates compared to most mice.

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to amend our Databases, Guides, and other features in hopes to create the best possible knowledge-center for you. After all, scientia potentia est, or, “Knowledge, is Power.”