When we first picked up Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it quickly became apparent our five year old work and school laptops weren’t going to be sufficient. As we slowly upgraded our PCs, we started to notice the peripheral gaming market had changed drastically. No longer were we utilizing Plantronics Audio 90s or spending $200 on a nice pair of Sennheisers. We were well past the Icemat and the MX518, and well beyond the Supermat and Intellimouse. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was entering its third iteration and so were the gaming peripherals associated with it.

Immediately, we realized there was a demand and a need for a resource to better understand all of the new technology and the peripherals being developed.

e-SportsGear.net was designed to suit that need.

Currently, we have:

  • Our CS:GO Player Database, which is dedicated to tracking all of the peripherals and settings of the top 28 professional gaming teams as ranked by HLTV. This database includes every players peripheral of choice and their configurations.
  • Utilizing this database, we created ProGear Statistics, a metric and statistics page based upon our player database. Want to know what the most popular CS:GO mouse is? What about the most popular monitor brand? Here you will find metrics and statistics to help you make better product choices.
  • Additionally, we have our own Shop pulling products directly from Amazon. The shop currently has over 100+ different products in over six different categories.
  • Last, we have in-depth articles and guides helping explain the intricacies and technology behind many gaming peripherals. Want to better understand what ‘DPI’ or ‘Polling Rate’ is? What about wanting to know why every single professional player utilizes 144Hz for their refresh rate? Here you can have these questions and others answered.